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Tainted Blood by Sara Hubbard #BookReview

I am here with my latest book review. This time it is Sara Hubbard's new release, and it is a paranormal romance. Now, normally I would probably say if paranormal romances are not your thing, that you would probably want to avoid this book. However, hear me out.... I would not say that I am a huge paranormal fan. I did enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse books, and I did read the Twilight books, so I am at the very least tolerant to it. Well, this book is different. I could see how someone who has never liked other paranormal books, could love this book.
It is very well written. The plot is unique and captivating. The characters are excellent, and very well developed. This book will cause you to abandon the "facts" you thought you knew about vampires, and that paranormal realm. It really offers a whole new take on it. Things are not what you previously thought them to be. 
You will go on a paranormal journey with Emily, Sebastian, and Alexander. Emily was living a perfectly nor…
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Stable Layne Pt 8 #UseYourWords

Welcome to March's Use Your Words post. This is how it works: participating bloggers submit four to six words or short phrases for a fellow blogger to use to write a blog post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own unique set of words. All words are assigned randomly and nobody knows which blogger will receive the words they submitted.

My words are: stamp ~ legal ~ suave ~ mercy ~ lost ~ wild
They were submitted by: Jenniy of (Thank you for such awesome words, and I promise to do them justice in my actual Stable Layne installment! I am sorry for the delay!)

The title of this post is false advertising, and I apologize. I knew I was going to have a crazy few weeks, and I had asked Karen for my prompt early, so I could work ahead. I had done very well with working ahead on every post, except for this one. I have been working away on it, but it is not done. I still have three words l…