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The Love Hates of Blogging #TopTenThursday

Hello! Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! When Tamara of Confessions of a Part-Time Working Mom told me about this Top Ten Thursday blogging challenge, I knew I just had to participate, at least once. A group of bloggers get together and create a top ten list, based on a topic chosen beforehand. It just so happens that this week's topic is "Top Ten Things I Love/Hate About Blog Challenges".  Very appropriate eh? Make sure you check out the other top ten lists at the end!!

I participate in several blogging challenges each month. An amazing blogger friend (Karen of Baking in a Tornado) of mine organizes them. If you have followed my blog for any length of time, I am sure you have read at least one of my challenge posts. I participate in the Secret Subject Swap and Funny Friday and Use Your Words and Poetry challenges. So, you can imagine I definitely love blogging challenges. Here is my top ten list about what I love/hate about blogging challenges.

1 (love). The bloggers that I have developed friendships with. Long before I started my own public blog (I had a semi-private blog previous, with posts that I really never promoted, though they were available to the public), I followed quite a few blogs. I have an obsession with recipes. I slowly try new recipes. The main reason my blog is not about cooking, is because I am not even remotely good in the kitchen. One of the blogs I followed closely was Karen's blog. She has some amazing recipes at Baking in a Tornado. I really fell in love with her monthly challenge posts. When I reached out to her about joining in, I really expected to be turned down. To be told to come back once I was a real blogger. Much to my surprise, I was welcomed into the group, and I have been grateful every day since. I have met some amazing, wonderful, kind bloggers. I still don't consider myself to be a blogger on their level, but they all accept me regardless. I now count them among my closest friends. 

2 (love). The fact that it gives me material to write about, even if I cannot think of anything to write about on my own. 

3 (love). That fact that my little blog has received more attention than it ever would have otherwise. 

4 (love). The fact that it has helped me to stay dedicated to blogging, even when life has been crazy, and I normally would have quit or taken a hiatus.

5 (love/hate). The fact that at times I am assigned subjects/words that push me outside of my comfort zone. They make me dig deep and write things I would not normally write. It has been scary and frustrating at times, but I loved it all the while.

6 (love). Sometimes the blog challenges post on a day that is not a good one for me, but despite whatever is going on, I have this bright happy spot. I can forget my problems/sickness/stress for a while, and lose myself in the wonderful posts my fellow bloggers have written.

7 (love). It has given me the opportunity to read amazing posts from other bloggers, that I may have missed out on reading otherwise. 

8 (love). It has brought some loyal readers to my blog, that I get to interact with on my Facebook page, and I love that. I have enjoyed our conversations and sharing our lives with one another.

9 (love). It has given me an outlet for words, that I may have kept bottled up otherwise.

10 (love/hate). It gives me a commitment that I have to fulfill no matter what. I love this. It keeps me writing regularly. It keeps me blogging. It keeps me going. It keeps me accountable. Sometimes, I hate this. For example, I had a migraine earlier, and thanks to Imitrex, I am feeling much better. Normally, I probably would have ended the night resting and then going to bed. I had this commitment though, so I am here writing. I love and hate this, but mostly love it. 

So, there you have it. As you have probably figured, I definitely LOVE blogging challenges! 

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  1. J, I love that there more love than hate on your list!
    I just realized I left out one important point on my post: to get to know my fellow bloggers better, be it by reading their posts or connecting on FB, the way we do!
    Thanks for playing, despite feeling miserable, so sorry about that!
    Hope to see you next week :-)

  2. Great job! You really thought about this post and it's good to see that you have more love then hate for blogging challenges. I agree it is great having a topic already picked for you, but sometimes coming up with what to say can be easy at times or take forever. Looking forward to reading your next Top Ten!

  3. good list, though I do not think you have to participate if you don't want to but like you say, you make a commitment, I suppose it's why you've posted, I think also too, sometimes it's good to just go ahead and post and then see what happens.

    have a lovely day.

  4. I love how positive your list is :-) Looking forward to more Top Ten lists from you!

  5. YES the friendships that come from blogging. LOVE that one


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